P8 Jackpot 8/12/19

I first climbed down into the entrance following Larry and Nigel while Sean followed me down, this opened into cascade chamber. Larry went ahead to rig the pitches for the group. Following the average sized passage leads to a few squeezes and onto Idiots leap which Larry had rigged where the stream leads into a descent of about 2.5 metres.  

After continuing down the P8 stream passage we came to the first pitch which involved a bit of abseiling going into re-belays which we used to continue safely over the drop. When we got to the second pitch, we decided to split the group (me and Nigel went down to the lower passage while Larry and Sean continued above). To get down to the lower passage we had to abseil down around 8 metres. We then went through Mud Hall and some traverses above a canal and down little climbs which is as far as we went, this was because the way on was through a sump. We all took the higher passage on the way back.