Maskhill 14 October 2019

We originally planned an Oxlow/Maskhill exchange trip and the discussion while eating a great Yondermann’s breakfast had me, John and Chas descending Maskhill with Steve and Colum descending Oxlow.

Chas and John set off rigging Maskhill with the others still in the car, giving us a good head start. Chas had brought the ropes with one bag per pitch (5 bags) which made things simple. We made steady progress with John and Chas having some rigging discussions on the way, time flew by. We had some fun on the guided abseil which is unique to this trip for the UK.

On reaching Oxlow West Chamber we hung around for a while and then realised that the Oxlow group had probably been and gone. We found out later that they had waited an hour for us.
I got to do the derig with help from Chas while John gamely ascended with 2 bags.

The ‘Wanted’ was closed so afters were enjoyed at the Anchor Inn.