Jug Holes – 3 Sep 2019

My first trip with Masson, superbly arranged and led by Paul Chandler.

A large group of about 11 assembled, filling the two laybys near Masson Quarry. I soon met Kevin and Vicky from Masson CG and Paul arrived last, doling out belts to those without kit.

The first hazard was that the footpath to Jug Holes Woods was blocked by some very large cattle/bulls but moving as a group, they just ignored us.

Paul rigged the entrance climb and we worked as a team to lower the enthusiastic group and were soon in the first large chamber, see pics.


This was followed by the “Bold Step Traverse” which required a bit of slippy teamwork to bypass.

A climb down from the next, well decorated, chamber led us into a large chamber near the Adit Entrance/exit. The final adit was superbly constructed which we had a chance to study while Paul struggled with the “Derbyshire Key”.


On exit,  I sped off up the hill to derig the entrance climb and drinks were enjoyed at the Miners arms, Winster.


Jug Holes Lower Series full survey