Buying Caving Kit

General Caving Stores

Bernies online

Cave & Climb Cheddar and Online

Caving Supplies Buxton and online

Inglesport Ingleton and online

Starless River Richmond, pop up shop at caving clubs and online

Up & Under Cardiff and online

(15%+ off at U&U with Club Discount Code, pswdfor the file is -What MCG is celebrating this year _ _ _ _ )


Specialist Suppliers

EcoluxShop Batteries online and eBay

Jump Suits Made To Measure Undersuits & Oversuits


Other Suppliers

Depor Village – Online and currently the lowest prices on Petzl hardware

Decathalon Great value

Ebay Quality varies, always worth a look

Amazon – Petzl etc stuff

UK Caving Forum some stuff sold and even free from cavers for cavers