Nettle Pot 10/01/2020

Mark will be leading a group into Nettle Pot on a fantastic SRT trip. This trip will involve a lot of SRT and is mainly horizontal with a snug entrance shaft and added minor difficulties.

The idea is to descend down the entrance series into the Far flats and try to squeeze through the challenging “Freeze Squeeze” into Derbyshire Hall. There are options to descend down Beza Shaft and/or into the Red River Passage or even further into the “Hell Series”. The group could then continue into the bottom of “Elizabeth Shaft” and if feeling adventurous and thin, go through “the Sting” to complete an interesting round trip before ascending the entrance series.

Contact Mark to book onto the trip or request further details.

Meeting Details: 09.30 at the Layby SK 122 823

Nettle Pot Access Map

Nettle Pot Rigging Guide

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