Oxlow Caverns 19/9/20

Chas, Larry, Tom & James met at the Yondermans for a socially distanced breakfast & after organising the rope bags set off for the roadside parking. An easy walk, in surprisingly cold & murky conditions up the cavers only path saw Larry rigging the first pitch.

All pretty uneventful until he found he’d been handed the wrong bag for pitch 3 & ran out of rope before the next belay point. A lot of shouting back, shuffling bags along the line eventually saw the rope knotted & we were on our at again.

We reached the impressive Western Chamber ready to do some proper caving to the head of pitch 5 when I looked at my watch, and then realised I’d given Viv the wrong DCRO call out time!! I passed on pitch 5 & headed on back [ed Larry, Tom and James descended p5] waited for Tom in case he needed help at the awkward p4 Y hang (which Larry has done an excellent job of rigging) and we both raced ahead. Waiting at the bottom of pitch 3 to take bags over from James & Larry.

A race to the top ensued and I got out with 5 minutes to spare – a close call as Viv has strict instructions not to delay beyond my stated time.

All in all an excellent & fast trip to the bottom & back, pity there wasn’t more time for photo’s on the way out.


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