Suicide Cave- SRT Training – 12/8/20

Me, Sean, James, Andy H, Angelo, Nathan

Stunningly hot day saw us changing in the Speedwell car park at the bottom of Winnats. I managed to set off to rig while the others were assembling. On reaching the entrance chamber, I was confronted with a wave a rubbish so the first job was to start removing this.

I succeeded in rigging two of the three pitches before anyone else arrived while for the third, I managed to lose my direction and approach via a hairy climb, rather than a simple scramble from the 2nd pitch, reached by an easy climb.

Angelo was well instructed by James and Sean managed rebelays up and down, while Andy mastered his abseiling/prussiking technique and efficiently disengaged his chest jammer 4 times. Nathan practised some rigging on a fourth pitch with spits and assisted with derigging.

All went without a hitch and the rubbish was transferred, filling up a bin bag.

Afters, following a little confusion, were enjoyed at the George in Castleton and Suicide Cave is now my favourite practice cave with easy climbs round all the 4+ pitches.


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  1. Littering arg don’t get me started. I take a nim liner out with me always. How disgusting are some of the people who share tjis space. Well done. Cave looks amazing not been I there……. Yet

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