Carsington Pasture Cave, Great Crsngtn Cavern – Sat, 21/3/20

4+4 places

Group 1- Carsington Pasture Cave – non SRT, 4 places only – short cave, a little climbing, guided by an original explorer that made the extensions and discovered the human and archaeological remains.

Group 2- Carsington Pasture Cave and Great Carsington Cavern4 places only. This group will descend Great Carsington Cavern (easy SRT) then move on to explore Carsington Pasture Cave .

‘Yorick’ human skull embedded in calcite
Baldrick, AKA Tony Robinson, at Carsington Pasture Cave

Time Team in Carsington Pasure Cave (video)

Carsington Pasture Cave
Great Carsington Cavern (PDMHS)
Great Carsington Cavern

Contact Larry for details and to reserve a place and state Group 1 or 2.

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