Bagshawe Cavern – 01/03/2020

Brief trip details, as follows:

An ‘Introductory’ trip into Bagshawe which will explore the mined section of limited extent, followed by exploration of natural Upper Levels.

A great trip! Easy/Moderate grade. Mostly walking/stooping size passages, short crawly bits. Optional passage with interesting climbs. A few steps, not optional! Wet and muddy in places, .

No SRT/Ladder. Ideal novice trip, and an opportunity for mine explorers to see what caving is all about! Oversuit & furry should be fine. Worth bringing a camera in a suitable container. Party size limited to eight, plus Larry & Paul C (Leader). Waiting list available.

£2 fee payable to owners.

Optional drink after trip.

To book your place, meeting arrangements, please contact Paul C (Trip Leader)

DCA Cave Registry Entry

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