Peak Cavern – Sun, 05/04/2020

contact Larry for details

The basic trip planned is to the Far Sump via Lake and Ink Sumps returning via Galena Chamber.

(non SRT/vertical)

Other possible trips depending on the group are to Moss Chamber or up Victoria Aven and down to Echo Chamber.

£4/person fees for Peak Cavern access etc.

Peak Cavern_pt1 The Main Stream Cave and Far Sump miniguide

Peak Cavern_pt2 Victoria Aven miniguide

Peak Cavern_pt3 Far Sump Extension miniguide

Peak Cavern_pt4 Pickering’s Passage miniguide

Peak Cavern_pt5 The Galena Chamber Circuit & the NCC Shafts miniguide

Peak Cavern_pt6 Lake Passage and Ink Sump miniguide

Peak Cavern_pt7 Treasury and the links to Speedwell Cavern miniguide

Peak Cavern_pt8 The White River Series miniguide

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