Alderley Edge – 15/02/2020

Wood Mine to Hough Level

Meeting Larry, Dave, Helen, Jude, Ian, Mick, Angela, James and Thomas at the Wizard Tea Rooms, in the landscape of Alan Garner, with storm Dennis hovering, this had the makings of a cracking trip.

The Romans were here. So was Blaster Bates. The impressive entrance to Wood Mine led into the Triassic sandstone deposits. So much to see. Fault lines, geological formations, green waterfalls, a beautiful blue lake, triangular shot holes and much evidence of mid-19th century copper mining.

Surreal catering in Sand Cavern. Dining doesn’t get much better. Followed by more chambers, caverns, tunnels, squeezes, crawls and ladders in abundance connecting many different levels. A real maze eventually leading to Hough Level and Brynlow Mine.

Dave saved the best till last. What a boat trip! Helen set off into the flooded passage in a floating bath tub, closely followed by Mick and Angela. Dave ferried two parties by canoe through the long tunnel. An amazing experience.

With true accounts of people fatally losing their way, a schoolboy drowning in a deadly underwater shaft and an eccentric poisoner, the whole place packed quite a charge.

Locked in? Never mind. Dave, as gatekeeper, did his magic and we passed into the dark evening, through a palimpsest of a landscape and into storm Dennis.

Days are rarely better. Thanks to everyone, especially Dave and Helen.

Andy H

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  1. Glad everyone enjoyed the trip it was a Pleasure taking you guys around & seeing the passion our lovely mine inspires in other people.. next time il have to show you the great west mine

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