Holme Bank Chert Mine – 26/01/2020

Paul C, Paul B, Peter, Dan, Sean, James, Andy, Larry, Ahmad, Radvin, Ronika, Najmeh

A good turnout for an early Sunday start at the edge of Bakewell. A quick look at the locked Entrance Number 1 was followed by a Paul C fascinating talk in the Block Works area outside the mine. We then entered the mine through a curtain or blanket (novel) and romped down some roomy passage.

We stopped to look at some of the old carriages on tracks and some hand winding gear both loved by the kids present. There were also a couple of Roman style communal toilets to kid about and a chamber were a display had been made in a long-failed show cave venture.

We were all fascinated by the flooded section of mine, crystal clear and perfect for diving with a 2ft plus diameter pipe going into it that was apparently capable of clearing the water in minutes.

Paul then led us along the M1, the working face, so we could see the undercutting technique used to extract the stone. Through a collapse and down more romping passage led us to the boldly named “New Year Pot” which is an impenetrable natural slot sinking 3m.

There was a bit of consternation when the combo provided failed to open the quarry entrance but of course Paul instigated plan B and quickly led us out of another entrance back into the Block Works area.

Refreshments were enjoyed at the Castle Inn, Bakewell. Many thanks to Paul C for a lovely morning out/in.

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